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We had beautiful twin Boer doelings born at Cotton Bean Farms!

Rewind to Saturday November 29th. I had been making scrubs and soaps most of the morning. We have been on baby watch for a while since Lilith kicked off our Winter 2020 kidding season with triplets. I had just finished up 2 loafs of goat milk soap and decided to walk out and check on the girls since Farmer Jason and Jackie were gone on a supply run. It's a good thing I did.

Glady one of our experienced Does had snuck and given birth to a beautiful traditional girl. I always hear them before I see them if we have new baby goats. The Moma goat is always talking to them and they talk back. It is the most heartwarming thing you will ever hear. This little girl was alreay up walking around and nursing. These are some good blood lines. About 30 minutes later she gave birth to a beautiful dark brown doeling. I will update with some more pictures soon!

Yes, the tiger dappled Boer buck in the background laying down and resting is Dad. lol

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