We had a BIG scare during Camo’s birth last night! This is our story.

We learned the hard way that all Mini Nubian goat births are not easy or text book! We would have had a dead Nanny goat and babies if we had not seen her go into labor. Thankfully god was watching over all of us!

We have been on baby watch with our Mountain herd of Mini Nubians for about 2 weeks now. Lucy and Penny have both given birth this week to beautiful twins, a doeling and buckling each. We went out to get the baby Mini Nubians to bring them in for the evening as we do every night and noticed Camo was in labor. I thought we had a while because I saw a small, thick, clear string about 6 inches long with no bubbles. I go inside and tell Jason to get dressed Camo was in labor, I was going to feed and get the little's inside. This took us about 10 minutes to do and Camo started pushing. We see what looks like a mouth crest with NO hooves. This is not good. We grab our emergency goat birthing kit and prepare to hel