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Today at "As Cotton Bean Goat Farm Turns" ..... Side effects of Bucks in Rut!

Our entire Buck pasture has gone crazy! All of my sweet loving male goats are in rut at Cotton Bean Goat Farm. Breeding season is upon us!

What was once a quite goat farm is now LOUD and crazy. The boys scream all day and night. They love to fight and headbutt each other. When I step into the Buck pasture all the Nigerian, Mini Nubian and Boer bucks come to greet me as normal. They pride themselves in rubbing their RUT cologne all over me. I feel like they do a double take just to make sure I am not a Doe. No one has been aggressive towards me but I know what they are thinking. lol

Pictured above is what happens during breeding season and rut. These big bucks tear up the fence. Of course all of the smaller, younger goats use this as an escape route. Not that I blame them. If you follow our goat farming adventures you know that our goats truly believe that rain or water is acid! Here is our quick fix for this problem. We moved the acid bath over in front of the hole they created in our pasture fence. I also have a small plastic kid pool containing acid in front of another hole.

No more baby goats can escape! However, if you are a spoiled rotten Mini Nubian baby goat you have another place to sip cool refreshing water from. No, Landon and Sage are not spoiled and they have not yet figured out that this is a acid bath. I'm sure the other goats will teach them soon.

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