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This boer doe almost likes me! We did save her life.

We got this beauty and the rest of her family when they ver,y very sick with a worm load. We didn't think she was going to make it but after a lot of care she and the rest of the boer girls are on the mend. The best thing is she almost likes me!

Occasionally we are asked to take sick goats and save them. We don't run a rescue but we love our Boer goats so of course we always try to save them. Like everyone else raising goats we are always learning new things. We have a goat supply closet that is very extensive. It contains treatments and supportive care for many goat issues. Often times goats go down when the vet is closed and we could not afford to call the vet every time something happens. I feel like we know more about goats than most vets in our area.

In general goats need preventive care and supportive care if they get sick. This can be going out every 2 hours to administer medicine or feed a baby goat. Yes, even during the night when you are sick. For the LOVE of goats!

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