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Tell me it isn't true, Mack is weaned and interviewing. How can this be?

This is the sweetest boer boy / buck on our goat farm. I love him dearly but he needs some goat girlfriends. He follows me around and loves to talk. If you are considering getting a new herd sire this commercial boy will not only bring some genetics to your program but he will bring lots of love for his humans too!

Click here for more information and pictures of Mack our Boer Buckling.

He currently resides in Mt. Pleasant, NC but is willing to relocate to any town in the SC, GA, NC,VA, WV area. If you want to line up some transportation he will relocate to FL, MI, CA, NV, CO. We are taking a trip to see the grand baby soon so the Denver, CO area may be a good place for him to live.

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