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Our boer goat, Onyx, is in the early stages of labor. She will be kidding soon!

Here is a little backstory on her. We rescued her, her daughter and 4 other does that were very sick. The owners were a little in over their heads. We agreed to take them and try to save them. We loaded them up and drove 1.5 hours to get them home. We thought for sure we would loose at least 2 of them. I could see their backbones and they were very sunken in. One of them had bottle jaw because she was so anemic. I believe taking them all and keeping them together helped us save them. They had the will to live and they were fighters. Now we had to do our part to save them.

We put them in a holding pen for the first 2 weeks and started treatment. It was very touch and go. They had a very heavy worm load and they were very anemic. These goats were also malnourished from not getting what they needed. We loaded them up with unlimited, good quality hay and fresh water. We began around the clock care which meant we were up every few hours treating them with our Anemia Support protocol. It was a struggle for many reason but most of all these goats had never been handled. We slowly introduced grain to them and provided them with browse after their stomachs had time to adjust to unlimited hay and fresh water.

We managed to nurse all 6 back to health. They all came into heat last year and are all pregnant. This is one of our goat miracles in labor. I thought I would bury her and she is having baby goats!

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