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Once upon a time....

at Cotton Bean Goats Farms there was a pregnant F6 Mini Nubian Dairy Goat named Ally. She had the most beautiful blue eyes and wattled when she walked. She was sporting her winter coat which was white, black and brown in color and made her blue eyes stand out even more.

In the beginning, she started to look a little fluffy. Her human mom thought she needed to step away from the hay feeder but that was not the case at all. She had a secret! She had been dating Porter when he would sneak through the homemade hay feeder. Porter resided in the neighboring billy goat pasture with his buddies. None of the other doelings knew that this was happening. As mother nature would have it Porter had been dating a lot of the Mini Nubian doelings. He is a beautifully marked black F6 Mini Nubian Buck with white moon spots. Did I mention he has blue eyes and is naturally polled. This must be why all the doelings love this goat boy. He was born in Louisiana so I imagine he has a deep southern accent when he talks to them. Although he does seem like the quite type to me.

Fast forward to a month ago when Ally started developing a baby utter. Her human began to put together the pieces and her secret was out! Ally was going to have F7 Mini Nubian baby goats. Recently, Ally learned about something called DOE CODE. She continues to torture her human family by holding her baby goat hostage so the their humans can not meet them.

We are looking forward to meeting Ally's kids one day!

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