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Mack our Boer buckling is for sale at weaning

This boer buckling is for sale at Cotton Bean Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC. He was born on March 6th and available to go to his new farm at weaning on June 6th. Mom had a set of twins and we are keeping his sister for our breeding program. He is eating grain, hay and forage just as he should be. We dam raise to make sure our baby goats get a good start. The Nanny goats milk is the best thing for a baby and she teaches them how to be a goat. Chesnut has done a great job raising Mack.

Chesnut his Mom and Dad are both big boned boer goats with some size. She is commercial and so is Dad, Benny. This baby boer goat has such a sweet personality. He loves his humans and follows us around.

We have more information listed on our website under Sale Barn!

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