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Lucy Blue gave us Mini Nubian twins on April 13th

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Let me tell you the birthing story of our Mini Nubian, Lucy, who has the most beautiful blue eyes! She gave birth to F2 Mini Nubians twins on April 13, 2020. Here is her story from our point of view. I'm sure if she were telling it herself parts of it would be more dramatic.

When we adopted our new mini nubian herd we were told they were expecting and due starting April 9th. Lucy is a beautiful F1 Mini Nubian. The first thing you notice are her blue eyes. They are just beautiful! She is super sweet and loves to be petted. She has had an enormous udder for some time prior to birth. She has kidded a few times before so this is nothing new to her. She has been moaning for over a week every time she lays down. Thanks to the Covid 19 virus, I am working from home and have been able to put eyes on them every 2 hours or so. I step out to check on the Mini Nubians who are due and something is off with Lucy. I run over and I see a beautiful little brown F2 mini nubian looking up at me. I grab towels and head into the pasture. She didn’t inherit Lucy’s blue eyes but she has her sweet personality. She immediately came up to me for attention and it was love at first sight. Oh wait here comes another baby. She quickly pushed out a second baby who is white in color like Dad, Mozart. She gave us twin girls. These girls quickly got up and nursed.

We expedited moving Lucy and the kids to the luxurious birthing suite located in the Mini Nubian pen at Cotton Bean Farms! She has all the yummy alfalfa and grain she can eat. She has a huge udder and she is a good eater. We did around the clock checks until we felt like both she and the kids were bonded and adjusted.

I expected the brown mini nubian doeling to be the sweetest and oddly enough the white doeling loves her human (me) more. It just means that the brown girl gets extra love and cuddles. We like for our Mini Nubian does to be socialized here at Cotton Bean Farms so they get attention from the minute they are born.

A little background on Lucy's Herd. I wanted to add a few girls to our Mini Herd in 2020 but they had to the right fit for our farm and my existing mini nubian does. All of my current does were bottle raised and are very social with us. We love them like children so it was important to me that any mini Nubians we decided to add be friendly. This also makes it a lot easier to keep them healthy. It is a nightmare not to be able to touch your goats. What if something is off with one of them, how do you check them? How would I copper bolus them?

We found Lucy in a small town in the edge of the NC mountains with 4 other girls and a beautiful F5 Mini Nubian Buck, Mozart. I spoke extensively with their family and asked a lot of questions. We finally agreed we would MEET them. I took no trailer and no money because I didn’t want to make an impulsive decision. Needless to say God had placed this family in our path and he wanted us to adopt this beautiful small, well cared for and socialized herd.

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