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Looking for suggestions for goat play dates?

We need some help. We are working on getting a pasture ready to offer private Baby Goat play dates and classes. What would you want to do with your children at our goat farm?

What would you want to learn about in a goat class? We can customize it to your wants and needs. We can discuss breeding your bucks, birthing baby goats, feeding and nutritional needs of meat or dairy goat. We can cover when you should worm your boer goat or copper bolus your mini nubain.

If you are lucky you may even be at our goat farm when one of our Mini Nubian, Boer or Nigerian Dwarf does gives birth to a baby goat. You can see what we keep in our emergency goat birthing kit. How we suction out a baby goats airway if needed. We even have to go in a turn babies for delivery at times.

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