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Let's talk about Emilee and her bottle baby boy! We have 12 bottle baby boys!

Look at this beautiful bottle baby boy born yesterday. He is currently in with his full blooded Nubian mom and drinking all the colostrum he can hold with his sister who is just as beautiful. I am trying my best to not get attached to him. F1 Mini Nubian have such good Mini Nubian breed characteristics. He has a perfect little roman nose and those ears are a show stopper. I am not seeing any signs of horns but he is not quite a day old. We had 3 Does kid yesterday so I will need to recheck him. Porter is our winter 2020 herd sire so this little boy will be related to any keeper doelings and we don't practice line breeding here.

Emilee was one of our first goats on our farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC. We kept her doelings from her first breeding with Porter and I am tempted to keep this girl too.

Dad is our F6 herd sire, Porter. Porter is the total package. He is black with white moon spots, blue eyed and polled. We affectionately called Porter, Houdi when he was younger. To learn more about Porter, click here!

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