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Is my goat in labor?

If you are a goat parent and your Doe is pregnant, how do you tell if she is in labor? Every new goat parent asks this question. We have kidded over 300 babies and sometimes I still get surprised. Here are some of the most common things to look for when your doe is expecting.

- Your Dams udder is filling up and tight. It looks like it may pop at any moment.

- Her ligaments are gone. If you have a wild goat and can't touch her this will not do you any good.

- Is your goat off by herself and not with the herd? We have some that disappear and go hide to kid.

- Some goats are more friendly than usual prior to giving birth. Some are just NEEDY and will scream prior to kidding until we come out to the pasture. I may be talking about our Dottie goat.

- Have you noticed that your buck thinks she is in heat? This is due to her hormones changing prior to delivery.

- Have you noticed any discharge. (This can occur weeks prior to kidding.)

- Has your goats eating habits changed? Has he has stopped eating or didn't show up for grain?

- Have you noticed the babies have dropped?

- Is she pawing at the ground or stretching more than normal?

- Have you noticed that she is looking behind her?

- Is she may grinding her teeth.?

Note: Every Doe is different. You may see some of these signs or none at all. You may come out to dried baby goats who are already nursing Mom. This is actually the best thing. Otherwise if you are like me, you will worry yourself sick over labor and delivery!

If your pregnant goat is getting close to her due date and is acting different, just ask yourself why?

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