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I still can't believe I sold Beau, my boer bottle baby!

So this darling was born at the farm over 2 weeks ago. For some reason his slacker Mom wouldn't let him nurse but would let his sister. Normally, we would just hold the Nanny for the baby to nurse but she is a wild one.

I immediately began to bottle feed him and fall in love. Did I mention we have both been very sick. I still set my alarm to get up every 2 hours to feed him for the first 48 hours. He would cry and scream for me every time I went out.

I am a self professed buckaholic who needs a 12 step program so that I don't keep any more bucks / goats. I enjoyed every moment I spent with this little Boer, bottle baby, buckling / goat. I decided that I should see if I could find him another family before I got any more attached. We found him a great family in West Virginia. I could tell from the moment his new Mom fed and held him that he was in good hands. We got an update the evening they picked him up that he was helping with laundry. Although I miss him dearly, I am excited that we found such a good family for him.

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