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I knew she was in labor yesterday!

This pic is from a week ago. Lilith typically runs up to greet me and gets lots of scratches but she just stood off, away from me yesterday. I went to check on her and I could tell she was uncomfortable. She would let me scratch her neck for about 5 seconds before she turned her head. She is always with Pita goat but she wasn't yesterday. We kept checking on her yesterday into the night. I did my last check at 12:30am this morning. She was in the same spot, no drainage, no change. I did my next check at 4 am. As soon as I stepped outside, I heard a MAAAA I didn't recognize. As I took off running I heard more MAAAA's I didn't recognize. I followed the MAAAA's and put eyes on my girl. I saw the babies and Lilith. Everyone was up and moving. I ran back inside for my birthing kit so I could help dry them off and to tell Farmer Jason we had baby goats on the ground.