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I knew she was in labor yesterday!

This pic is from a week ago. Lilith typically runs up to greet me and gets lots of scratches but she just stood off, away from me yesterday. I went to check on her and I could tell she was uncomfortable. She would let me scratch her neck for about 5 seconds before she turned her head. She is always with Pita goat but she wasn't yesterday. We kept checking on her yesterday into the night. I did my last check at 12:30am this morning. She was in the same spot, no drainage, no change. I did my next check at 4 am. As soon as I stepped outside, I heard a MAAAA I didn't recognize. As I took off running I heard more MAAAA's I didn't recognize. I followed the MAAAA's and put eyes on my girl. I saw the babies and Lilith. Everyone was up and moving. I ran back inside for my birthing kit so I could help dry them off and to tell Farmer Jason we had baby goats on the ground.

The entire human family got up including a uncle and aunt to welcome them into the world. Our Lilith was doing great. We helped dry them, got some heat in the birthing stall, stripped her teat, made sure they nursed, got food and water for Lilith. We locked the door to make sure she had some time with the baby goats without the rest of the Boer herd bothering her. At first light, Pita was standing at the door beaming at Mom. Our Pita goat is going to be sad when she figures out she isn't the baby any more.

This morning was a reminder that we are very blessed. You have ups and down when you raise goats. Even when you do everything right sometimes it is still wrong but this time everything was perfect! Did I mention that we are still on baby watch?!?!?!

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