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How to bump your Doe / Goat to see if she is done kidding.

Bumping a goat is a technique that can be used to indicated if your doe has more baby goats to deliver. It is very simple, will cause no harm to the mom or baby goat and most does will let you check them. They are typically busy cleaning and focusing on the first baby so they don't mind what you do to them.

1. With the Doe standing, stand behind her. (facing her rear)

2. Bend down and reach around her belly.

3. Place the palms of your hands against her belly, right in front of her udders.

4. Pull up and ”BOUNCE” her belly, keeping your hands in contact with her belly.

5. If there is another kid / baby goat, you should feel something hard or solid.

6. If no kid(s), the goats belly will fell soft and squishy!

Note: I did this to our doe, Camo, and a adorable tiny baby goat flew out. You just never know what is going to happen when you are raising goats!

Hint: Even the "wild ones" will sometimes be okay with this technique. Typically you will notice a change in your "Wild Child" goat when she kids. I will say this is a good time to put her in a smaller pen and try to become friends with her. We bring them alfalfa, fig newtons and molasses water after kidding to get brownie points and ensure she has the nutrition she needs to produce milk for the baby goats and recover quickly. Always be on the look out for signs of milk fever or ketosis prior to and after kidding.

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