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How much does a bottle baby goat eat? What do you feed baby goats?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

That depends on a lot of things. What breed is your baby goat, how much does your baby goat weigh, is it being supplemented or is this your babies only source of food, does your baby goat over eat if allowed? We do feed whole cow's milk from the grocery store instead of formula or milk replacer from the feed store. We are always happy to help others and share our experience with other goat parents. Just message us if you have any questions.

Holly goat is still getting the hang of eating a bottle. This beautiful Mini Nubian doeling is only 36 hours old. Charlotte goat is a pro at bottle feeding since she is the oldest, most experienced at 5 days old. Hunter is going to eat the most. I can tell by the way he attacks his bottle at feeding time.