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How much can Bailey goat eat?

Human Mom where's my bottle?

Fine, I'm outta here if you aren't giving me a bottle! Goat Mom, I need you to feed me. I'm starving, look how skinny I am getting.

Bailey you are a milk goat not a meat goat. You are getting more than enough to eat. You also nurse your dam.

Human Mom, what does that have to do with you starving me? I'm so hungry!

Bailey goat is so spoiled. Some baby goats will overeat and Bailey is one of those goats. Baby goats can die from being over fed so you have to know your goat and find the balance that works for them. Bailey also nurses her Dam along with her 2 brothers. Her Dam can feed all 3 but the boys didn't let Bailey eat enough so we decided that we should supplement her. Now look at the faces she gives me.

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