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How do you transport your Mini Nubian goat?

We had a family recently decide to start a Mini Nubian herd. They took home to of our boys. Our white F1 Bottle Baby Mini Nubian and one of Ally's F7 Mini Nubian bucklings / goats. They live within 30 minutes so they loaded them into the air conditioned truck of their laps and took off. It was adorable!

We don't recommend transporting goats in the back of a truck with wind on them. They can come down with shipping fever or pneumonia pretty fast. By the time you get home, you could have a sick goat. We also like to send our new goat owners home with a information packet including information on how to check a famacha and what a normal temperature is for your new family member. We also send home information on deworming your Mini Nubian and what coccidia is. Going to a new home can be stressful for your new baby so we want to make sure we equip our new goat owners with basic medical information. We are also available when needed for advice and mentoring. We have learned many things the hard way and would like to save our families the heartache.

Even a few years into raising goats we still have breeders we reach out to for advice. You never know everything. It takes a village to raise a kid, even a goat kid!

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