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Have you ever met someone and not liked them?

This is our 100% ABGA registered Boer doe, Evie. Why did we name her Evie?

Well, we purchased her and a few sisters from a farm in TN. When we got them home and let them out into the new pasture we went to meet them. Of course, Azayla came along. We walked up to them to greet and scratches their necks and this "GOAT" their her horns up at Azayla.

She has not liked her from the moment she laid eyes on her. lol Azayla keeps her distance and she has never charged at her. Evie will butt her away if she gets too close. At that point we knew what we would name her, Evil aka Evie! We we die I am sure Evie will become a taco if Azayla has anything to say about it. lol

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