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I can fly!

Every time I take a picture of this sweet Nigerian Doeling or her twin, they loos like they are about to take off. If you watch her for a few minutes you would agree that she can fly. Goats are so agile and sure footed. They leap, run and twist like a gymnast. I not sure if she used these ears for balance or not but they sure are cute.

We do breed Nigerian dwarfs but have yet to sale any. I always say that doeling is a keeper. lol I want to keep all our goats and never sale any of them. I know that we only have so much pasture here at Cotton bean Goat farm and it will eventually run out.

Not to mention it's expensive to own goats if you care for them properly. They need loose minerals with copper and they MUST have animal crackers, right? lol My laundry room doubles as a goat medical closet. I have something for everything, just in case. When our goats are healthy, we are happy!

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