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Dappled Boer Does and Doelings

oh my! We are so excited to add Kate and her dappled boer daughters to our little goat farm in NC. We drove over 14 hours to pick them up and bring them back to North Carolina on a Saturday. These goat girls are beautiful and very solid. We wanted to add some size to our herd and these girls are going to help us accomplish that. We have many spotted / dappled boer goats on the farm so we are looking forward to spotted goat baby's in the future.

Kate is also super sweet which is a bonus. We like for our Boer breeding does to be well socialized. We love on them often but it is important to be able to interact with them so that you can keep up with body changes and condition. You want to be ahead of a problem if something seems off. Goats can go down hill quickly but daily interactions help you stay ahead of most things. It's hard to check a famacha when you can't touch the doe.

We are working on improving and beefing our boer breeding program here at Cotton Bean Goat farm. Our goal is to improve the baby goats we offer every year. We have a baby boer buckling going to Roanoke,VA this year and we are super excited.

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