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All of our Mini Nubian goats are excited about the Calf hutches

What is this new toy you brought us?

Goats are so playful by nature. The younger the goat, the more curious and playful they are. As your Boer or Mini Nubian goats age they get a little more cautious and can be easily scared by unusual noises or sudden movements. When one nanny goat runs they entire herd takes off. In my opinion, goats act a lot like their cousins, deer.

If we put anything new in the goat pasture they all come to investigate. If we are repairing something or just building something they are right there with us. They taste everything. They don't eat it just put in in their mouths. Goats are actually picky eaters. Some like carrots and other Mini nubian goats do not. Some eat Banana's and some will not touch them. So if you hear someone say."Goats eat anything", it's not true!

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