Rusty Metal Goat Christmas Ornament
  • Rusty Metal Goat Christmas Ornament

    This is a one of a kind, unique, farmhouse inspired, rusty metal, vintage designed, Goat Christmas ornament for your Farmhouse Christmas tree. Each one of these ornaments are unique, no 2 are the same. Each goat 4” long and is made from 16 gauge steel.


    This Goat Ornament makes a great Halloween, Birthday or Valentine’s day present for your goat loving husband, wife, 4 - H kid, farm hand or co-worker. You could also use it as a stencil, magnet (not included), wind chime or you can even add it to your favorite sign. The possibilities for this goat ornament is endless.  It looks like a Nigerian Dwarf to me. We are hoping to add mini nubian and boer metal ornaments soon! If you love your goats as much as we do this is a must have for your Christmas decorating. 


    You can remove the rust fron your goat by soaking it overnight in a boel of vinegar, or using a stiff wire brush. I would recommend painting or clear coating it to prevent it from keep from rusting again. You could also add some flare by gluing on a Santa hat or Christmas scarf.