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Rusty metal Chicken Christmas ornament or present
  • Rusty metal Chicken Christmas ornament or present

    Do you love chickens both hens and roosters as mch as we do? Do you know someone who loves hens, rooster and baby chicks?  If so, this is the perfect, unique, one of a kind, present for them. We drill a hole and use them as Chicken Christmas Ornaments. This will add a little farmhouse inspiration to your Christmas tree or stocking.


    Price is per set of Chickens.


    These rusty metal chickens make great ornaments, stencils, wind chimes or you can add them to your favorite sign. The possibilities are limitless.  They are made from 16 gauge steel. You can remove the rust by soaking your chickens overnight in a bowl of vinegar, or using a stiff wire brush. I would recommend painting or clear coating it to prevent it from keep from rusting again.


    This metal Chicken makes a great Halloween, Birthday or Valentine’s day present for your chicken loving husband, wife, 4 - H kid, farm hand or co-worker.


    We are working to add more chicken and goat decor to our Farm store.  Keep checking back for updates and new farmhouse decor products. 

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