Ella's Christmas Tree goat milk soap

Ella's Christmas Tree goat milk soap

Another goat milk soap, another goat story! We decided to name this Ella's Christmas tree goat milk soap after our spring 2020 Mini Nubian keeper doelings. These milk goats are our future and all have names ending in "Ella".


We love the smell of our Christmas tree goat milk soap. This soap perfectly captures the magic of the Christmas season and has wonderful pine notes that are smooth but strong enough to make you think Christmas morning. This wonderful Christmas scented soap is made with oils, goat's milk, and scented with essential oils. Each bar of soap is approximately 4.5 to 5 oz.


Our children are now grown and have their own families. Our family has had a real Christmas tree every year since Justin, our oldest son was born. We have enjoyed the tradition of going out Thanksgiving weekend and finding the perfect tree. This takes much longer with a family the size of ours. Since we have started making soap we have added this soap to our list of Christmas traditions. We have this in all of our bath rooms so both guest and family can enjoy it during the holidays.


I continue to work a day job to help pay support our goat farm. I enjoy hand making Christmas gifts for my co-workers and friends. Everyone loves our gifts of 100% made in America goat milk soap. Please remember to support a local business during the Christmas season. Thank you for considering purchasing our goat milk soap!

Note Profile:
Top: Apple
Middle: Pine
Base: Cedar, Fir, Cypress

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