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Nugget - F1

Mini Nubian Buck

My love for Mini Nubians started with our F1 buckling, Nugget. We were new to goats and attending a class to learn from some goat mentors. Along comes this adorable, day old, buckskin kid with a cute blue sweater drinking from a bottle while bouncing everywhere.The hubby and I were equally in love. Although he often reminds me, that he was the one that pointed out he was for sale. We snuggled and cuddled him while trying to pay attention to the class. Needless to say by the end of the class we had a deposit on him and picked him up a few days later.

Nugget was our first bottle baby and lived inside with us by the fireplace in a dog crate. He has piercing blue eyes and was born 10/25/2018.  I just melt when I look at him. He certainly got his size from his Mom who was Nubian! When bounces and struts when he runs. He has grown into a magnificent buck. He is too big to breed any of my girls but I have left him intact. He has 3 chickens that live with him. They refuse to leave him. If they accidentally get themselves locked out they panic until they are back with him.  He is by far my biggest buck despite being a F1 registered MINI Nubian buck.  He is also my biggest baby.  We spent a lot of time cuddling and bonding when he was small. If you spend any time with him you can tell I invested a lot of time bonding with him and I loved every moment of it!

Who needs a dog when you have nugget!

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