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Mean Goat Girl / Boy Club!

NOT accepting applications ever!

Our Mean Goat Club  is located in Mt. Pleasant, NC. 

How did the Mean Goat Club start?

During our first true goat kidding season in 2020 we had the most adorable baby goat girls and boys born here at at Cotton Bean Goat Farm. We were so excited and immediately fell in love with all the baby goats but some of them did not LOVE us back. I would step into the birthing pen and they would scream and run. What, how can you be like that baby goat we don't even know each other?

What goat breed are accepted into the Club?

Our farm allows all Boer, Nigerian Dwarfs, Kiko / Boer and Mini Nubian's to join. 

Is it or goat girls only?

Our farm allows both doeling and buckling to join free of charge and without permission from the Mother of Goats. (That's me by the way!) 

What color of goat are allowed in the Club? Can they have spots too?

Again without my permission, all colors of goats are allowed to join. If you are a Red goat, come on join. Do you have spots, you are in the club. We allow all colors of goats, we DO NOT discriminate at this goat farm!

Who are the founding members of the Mean Girl Goat club?

Looking back on it, I think it was Cookie's baby goat girl. She was the most tiny, cute, Nigerian dwarf goat doeling, I have ever seen. I reached down and tried to pick her up when I found her and she was not having it. 


She would run like I was going to kill her. If I managed to actually catch her she would scream like I was beating her. Her real name is Lucy but I still often call her Mean girl!  

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