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Max Boer Goats UCTT The Terminator
100% Abga Boer Buck
DOB: April 15, 2015

If you have followed our journey you know that Farmer Jason has always had a #goatcrush on Max Boer Goat UCTT The Terminator.  We had the opportunity to purchase one of his sons but we could not get paperwork on him. This has bothered my husband for years. Then Vader, his son, sneaked to the doe pen and mated. Oh my, we had the most beautiful thick, wide, boer baby goats hitting the ground that could only be registered at 50% with the ABGA. We were excited to see such nice baby goats but sadden that we couldn't registered them at 100%.


When a friend reached out to us and asked if we were interested in owning the one and only, original, black tiger dappled we jumped at the chance to make Cotton Bean Boer Goat Farm home to this marvelous buck! We are so excited about this Massive, wide chested., Black and White tiger dappled buck.

He is about to get an entire pen of Boer Does to breed. We should have Max Boer goats Terminator babies being born in January of 2022. Stay tuned.....

Terminator's Grand - Baby Goats / Offspring

Teenage Terminator

We don't have many pictures of Max Boer Goats UTCC The Terminator as a young buck / buckling. Here are a few that I found. This Max Boer Goat is like a fine wine and gets better with age. 

Terminator's Sire:
Max Boer Goats IMAX 3-D Ennobled
Abga 10472968