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We sale and breed working lgd's!

June Bug, working Livestock Guardian Dog

D.O.B: September 2019

June Bug was our first AKC registered Great Pyrenees

here at Cotton Bean Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC

June Bug is such a goof ball. When we went to meet her she immediately ran up and wanted to be loved. This Great Pyrenees still loves attention. 

Our lgd, Jinger, did not give birth to June Bug but you would never know it. June Bug joined Cotton Bean Goat Farm at just 12 weeks old. Jinger started nursing her along with her litter of puppy's that were for sale. Jinger has taught June Bug everything she knows about being a working guardian dog on a goat farm. We are glad that Jinger believes in working hard and doing your job. If she was not teaching June Bug she would walk around and give all the animals kisses including the neighborhood coyotes. 

Our beautiful, loving, lgd, just celebrated her first birthday! Btw, I told my youngest son she was born on HIS birthday. lol  It was the day after but close enough. He never looks at our farm website so he will never see this. 

Will she keep the gray markings on her face? 

Often times, Great Pyrenees are born with badger markings on their face and body. As they mature these tend to fade and almost disappear. As of now I can still see June Bug's badger markings. I hope she keeps them. 

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