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We sale and breed working lgd's!

Jasper, working AKC Great Pyrenees

D.O.B: October 2019

Jasper was our first AKC registered Great Pyrenees

male here at Cotton Bean Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC

When I think of Jasper I think Ninja's. Let me explain why. This boy is awake all night barking. When we first brought him to Cotton Bean Goat Farm he would sit outside of our bedroom window and bark all night. It drove us nuts. What can I say he is a talker. lol He has gotten better since he has gotten older. I wish Jake and Jinger would train him NOT to do this. I can only assume we are safe from the Ninja's that are close by because we have never seen them. Maybe he is protecting us from the falling leaves or grasshoppers. Based on the amount of talking he does, he is doing a great job.

Jasper is a full blooded, AKC, registered Great Pyrenees male. He is going to be June Bugs boyfriend in the future so we can have June Bug and Jasper puppy's for sale here in Mt. Pleasant, NC. He has a shy but super sweet personality. As he is growing up he continues to develop more of a serious personality. He has also kept the color on his face and is by far the fluffiest of our working dogs. 

Will she keep the gray markings on her face? 

Often times, Great Pyrenees are born with badger markings on their face and body. As they mature these tend to fade and almost disappear. As of now I can still see June Bug's badger markings. I hope she keeps them. 

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