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Cotton Bean Goat Farm was established in 2018 with a passion and love for goats that continues to grow. We have had many ups and downs while learning about proper nutrition, when and if worming is needed, mineral and copper needs for our herd of Mini Nubian's, Boers and Nigerian Dwarf goats. In addition, we have also learned a lot about peeps and what it takes to raise a healthy laying chicken or peacock. We raised some bunnies and horses but ultimately decided that they were not a fit for our farm.  We have both a male and female Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd working livestock guardian dog.  We feel like Jen-ger and Jake have insured that we have not lost any fur or feathered family members to predators. We also have a team of “BOYS” that help keep everyone safe on the farm. I’m referring to our cats, Boo and Moo. By the way, Moo is a girl! How do you think we found out? Click Here to read our story!

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