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Goat Yoga Classes

Goat Yoga Harrisburg NC
Zen with Zay & kidZ
Sneaky Dale pose

Goat Yoga Classes held in Mt. Pleasant, NC

Our goats are friendly and well socialized. We picked our Mini Nubian herd to participate in goat yoga because of their personalities. They are the dogs of the goat world! They love their humans. Our bottle baby raised goats love their humans even more if that is possible. As adults, our does will try to climb in your lap to snuggle. They will lay their heads against your face for scratches and push on your legs if you are ignoring them.


Our team of Mini Nubian baby goats love to run and do baby goat jumps. The world is their playground and you have just become part of that world! My heart melts every time I get to watch these goat babies playing with others during our yoga classes. I often say for the love of goats, and you will know why after attending a yoga class, Zen with Zay or Baby Goat Playdate! Warning Baby Goats can be stalkers and do NOT practice social distancing. They will nibble your pants, hair and anything else they can get in their mouths. They don't want to eat it, they explore with their mouths like a toddler. 

We are in the planning phase and will get up a schedule as soon as we have all the details worked out. We are thinking of offering some Mommy and Me or Daddy / Daughter Stretching classes for parents and children. 


Our goat yoga classes are held only 30 minutes from the Monroe, Harrisburg and Charlotte areas. We are only 40 minutes from the Gastonia, Belmont, Lake Norman, Tega Cay, Statesville and Huntersville, NC areas.


Please Note: Classes are non-refundable unless we cancel them due to weather conditions. We hold them outside with plenty of space. If it’s raining we will go inside and mask are recommended due to Covid. As of now we do not have a public restroom!

**Our baby and adult goats have horns! Please be aware of this when interacting with them. 

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