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We sale and breed working lgd's!

Jinger, working Livestock Guardian Dog

D.O.B: April 2018

Jinger was our first LGD here at Cotton Bean Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC

As we began to raise goats on our little  farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC, we knew from doing research that we needed a way to keep the herd safe. I began to research many breeds of livestock guardian dogs. The more I educated myself about the breed characteristics of different lgd's, the more I liked the idea of a lgd that had both Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees  genetics. 

What happened to the gray markings on her face? 

Often times, Great Pyrenees are born with badger markings on their face and body. As they mature these tend to fade and almost disappear.. Jinger's badger markings are a light brown and she just looks dirty now. 

The story of Willow & Jinger her Great Pyrenees Angel

solid white nigerian dwarf goat.jpg

A story about Willow goat and Jinger! Even a baby goat needs an angel from time to time. Little did Willow know that her angel lived on the same goat farm! Rewind to October 2018......


WIllow is our Nigerian dwarf baby goat who resides in our doe goat pasture. We had propped up a kennel panel against a tree and went in to get some water. I came out and Jinger was barking. I quickly told her to be quite as I walked to the other pasture. When she realized I wasn't coming toward the gate she began to growl aggressively. I looked over to see what she was alerting me to and I saw it. The fence panel had fell on baby goat Willow and she was pinned under it. She could not move and was screaming for help. Jinger was keeping the other goats in the pasture off the panel and trying to get my attention.  I ran over to the pasture and as soon as she saw me touch the gate she stopped growling but continued to keep the other goats of the fence. Willow would have died had Jinger not alerted me that she was in trouble. She is worth her weight in gold on our goat farm. I can't imagine not having our team of working LGD's.

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