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Mini Nubian Buckling goat Born: December 9, 2020

Available for Pick up: March 9, 2021 at weaning


He is not registered but look at Mom's udder pics

Farm Name: Ernie

1 Porter mini nubian buck blue eyes.jpg

Click on picture for more information on Dad, Porter, our F6 Mini Nubian buck

We kicked off our Mini Nubian kidding season in December and we are still waiting on some Mom’s to have baby goats. You know what that means we have Mini Nubian Baby goats for sale. This cutie is a bottle baby goat.


This is Colin, Camo’s, buckling. When this set of twin baby goats were born they seem to need a little more Milk so we decided to supplement them. As you can tell this buckling is so sweet and socialized, he loves his humans. He will come with MDGA registration paperwork as a F5, American, Mini Nubian. He should add some interesting color to your herd. I suspect his moon spots will lighten over time.


Dam: Canoel Farm’s Saponi Camo has Green Gable lines including a *b and a *P. She is a beautiful multi colored Mini Nubian doe with a single horn. We call her our Unicorn. I have no idea what happened to her other horn.


Sire: Knightwolf’s CB Porter is our Mini Nubian herd sire. He is a 6th Generation buck out of Knightwolf’s Foxy Spots line. He is black with moon spots, polled, blue eyed and was a triplet. We were so excited when we found him. His babies have been phenomenal.  We plan to continue to use him for many years.


Call 704-941-7944 to setup a time to meet him!


Pictures updated February!

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