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Mini Nubian Buckling goat Born: December 9, 2020

Available for Pick up: March 9, 2021 at weaning


He is not registered but look at Mom's udder pics

Farm Name: Ernie

1 Porter mini nubian buck blue eyes.jpg

Click on picture for more information on Dad, Porter, our F6 Mini Nubian buck

I wanted to Introduce you to Ernie who is weaning March 9th. He is a beautiful F1 Mini Nubian buckling who is not registered. He is polled, black in color with the most beautiful long frosted ears just like his sire .If you are looking for some milk, look at Mom's udder pictures. This Nubian goat mom could easily nurse quads. She is a producer!


Mom, Emilee, is a beautiful full sized Nubian, unregistered, with the most loving personality. Boy does this Doe have some milk. Be sure to look at the pics of her udder after he was born! She was one of our first goats here at Cotton Bean Farms. She is one of my most beloved girls. When people visit they always love Emilee.


He is sired by, Knightwolf's Porter, who is a F6 registered Mini Nubian with blue eyes, moon spots and he is polled just like his son. Porter came to us from Knightwolf Farms in Shreveport, LA. 


Call 704-941-7944 to setup a time to meet him!


Pictures updated February!

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