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We sale and breed working lgd's!

Jake, working Livestock Guardian Dog

D.O.B: March 2018

Jake came to the farm just a few days after we got Jinger in April 2020. We wanted a working pair of LGD's here at Cotton Bean Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC

As we began to raise Boer, Mini Nubian and Nigerian goats on our little farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC, we knew from doing research that we needed a way to keep the herd safe. I began to research many breeds of livestock guardian dogs. The more I educated myself about the breed characteristics of different lgd's, the more I liked the idea of a lgd that had both Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees  genetics. We quickly found Jake a few days after we got Jinger. We wanted to raise a pair of working / bonded pair of dogs. 

Are you sure Jake isn't a lab? 

I assure you, that even tough Jake looks like a lab in the face he is not. How can you tell?  He has dew claws like the rest of the lgd's that are protecting farms and livestock.! We also saw his parents.  In every litter of puppies Jake has at least 2 mini Jake's.  Sometime the puppy is a male and other times it's a girl!

Does he help with the puppies? 

Jake is amazing with the puppies. He will go in the puppy pen, lick and clean them just like Mom does. If he could I think he would nurse them. Oh wait, so funny story about that. One of our Anatolian Shepherd / Great Pyrenees puppies did try to nurse Jake. He looked at the puppy like, you just really tried to nurse me.  lol 

Are lgd's good family dogs? 

Both our Anatolian Shepherd's and AKC Great Pyrenees are amazing dogs with small children. They use their amazing instincts to care for and protect our daughter. Their is no doubt in my mind that they would kill for her.  Just for the record, Jake is actually her dog. She goes into the pasture and sings to him, walks with him, cuddles him.  They have a special bond. I wouldn't want to be her boyfriend in 8 years. lol 

Jake is the leader!

twin nigerian girls for sale.jpg

Jake has a Willow story too! Willow had a baby goat in November of 2019 that was still born but never fear Jake was near!

Jake was barking more than normal early one morning. Our lgd's bark and alert all night so we have learned to ignore them. He wasn't growling just barking more. When we got outside at 6 am to feed the goats Jake immediately went crazy alerting. Farmer Jason followed him into our goat pen. He saw the baby goat in the corner with Willow standing over it. The baby was not moving and was dead when we found it.

Jake was super protective of Willow for months after she had a still born baby goat. She would follow him and lick his face. If a Billy goat came up to her he would step in between them and growl at them. I am not sure what happened but these 2 were best friends. 

May 5,2020 - Willow had beautiful twin girls!

A story about Jake and Jinger working at the goat farm! Jake and Jinger are around 6 months old at this time. It was a late fall evening, it was just getting dark outside and we had the garage open building another a frame chicken coop for one of farmer Jason's many chickens. (He had over 100). lol

Jake makes a deep, low, sound that we had never heard him make before and Jinger immediately tunes into what he is saying to her. He heads to the back of the yard and out through our woods. She takes off down a trail. They stay gone for 15 to 20 minutes and come back together. I am not sure what they found or heard but we never saw anything. They are already working together to protect the farm and goats!

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