For the love of chickens! I never dreamed I would grow up and be married to a real chicken farmer in Mt. Pleasant, NC but here we are killing it. We love knowing where are eggs came from. We also like knowing where our chicken comes from. We have free range chickens including Silkies, Easter Eggers, Orphingtons, Barred Rock and everything else that is cute as a peep.  

Chickens have unique personalities and I could watch them for hours. You can always learn something from a hen!

5 Fun Facts about chickens: 

1. A chicken can learn to recognize it's own name,and the name of other chickens in it's flock,.

2.Hens and Roosters can remember and recognize over 100 different faces both human and animals. 

3. Hens and their peeps converse through the shell, allowing a baby chick to recognize it's mother Hen's voice. 

4. A hen or rooster vocabulary includes at least 30 words.

5. Chickens are among the closest living relatives to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. If you don't believe this take them some treats! 

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