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Winter 2020 Baby Goats are here!

Bottle baby goats for sale

I am adding updated pictures of the goats to the main "Sale Barn" page!

Spetra and Porter's F1, Registered, twin, Mini Nubians!

DOB: 12/9/20

Baby Goat Info:  If you are counting we had 3 Doe's kid today! I just added some updated pictures of these boys and they are absolutely stunning Mini Nubian. Look athe colors and one of them has beautiful blue eyes like his Dad. If you are thinking about adding a buck to your program we have 2 good candidates..


These are new born pics of our twin baby goats! We will be selling one of these bucklings as a bottle baby! Spectra will be raising on of these F1 Registered Mini Nubian until he is weaned. We like for our girls to raise their baby goats. I enjoy watching the bond between the Doe and goat kids. People could learn a lot from a goat. Please reach out if you would like some updated photo's. Our baby goats are minutes old in these pictures. Porter is polled and these baby goats may be as well. I didn't see or feel any horn swirls! I personally love that these boys inherited Porters beautiful frosted Mini Nubian ears. We are just starting our kidding season and will have more milk goats for sale. Keep in touch with us if we don't have the goat you looking for.