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Available for Pick up: Now

Boer ABGA Doelings for Sale

Farm Name: You pick name!

The girl baby goat fairy finally decided to visit our little farm and she did not disappoint. Look at these beautiful ABGA Boer doelings that she left us. These girls have Sunny Baby’s Bad Bad Leroy Brown running strong throughout their genetic makeup.

The traditional girl looks like her Mom and the dark brown girl gets her color from her Dad. I did not use filters on any of these pics. These pictures are a few weeks old. I am happy to setup a time for you to come meet them or to send you a video.  They will be weaning at the end of this month. Mom always gives us big healthy baby goats and has a text book kidding. Both doelings are friendly and like their humans but as you can see they aren’t so sure about the Cat. Lol

  Please call us if you want to come meet him. Stacey @ 704-941-7944!

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