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Baby Girls Born: January 2020

4 Does available for pick up immediately

Farm Name: You pick names!

We have 2 Nanny / Does with their doelings / daughter for sale here at Cotton Bean Boer Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant.  4 Girls in total are looking for a permanent home. 

Boer Family Background: We purchased this family of Boer goats from a guy that used them to clear out brush on his property. He did not handle or interact with them. They were a little skinny and one of the Nanny' goats has some hoof problems. We have been working on her hoof problems but it is hard to catch them. We had them in a small confined pen and they broke out with the Billy.  They are food motivated but not loving like most of our goats. Long term they do not fit our Boer breeding program and we need to make room for some other Does. They are currently in our Boer pasture with our 100% Boer billy and are on current Boer feeding program.

They would be a good starter herd for someone. The nanny goats need some hoof work. I would recommend putting them in a small space and handling them so they are accustomed to people touching them.  I have recently copper bolused the Does.  Obviously they are not full Boer goats and I have no idea what they are mixed with. These pictures are current and were taken 5/28.

If you would like to meet them just give us a call at 704-941-7944 and we can setup an appointment. 

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