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Red Man

Red man is our 100% registered Boer buck that we found in Weaverville, NC. When I saw pictures of this buckling I knew we would be adding him to our breeding program. As luck has it, we also added his Mom, Glady.

Vader Boer Buck

We bottle raised this beautiful boy from 3 days old. He lived in the house by the fireplace.

Muffin Man

Muffin man is our 100% registered tiger dappled boer buck! He is white with dark brown dappled markings. We got him when we was only 9 weeks old. He is super sweet and LOVES to talk. He acts like he was a bottle baby. Anytime I enter the boer pasture he runs to greet me and wants all the rubbing I am willing to give out. If he sees me outside he yells until I come love on him. He like the rest of our Boer Bucks has a great temperament.

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