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Zen with Zay & the KidZ

Zen with Zay & kidZ

This girl loves goat and people so we decided to let her share her love for both by hosting classes!

Ally's blues yoga stretch

Ally just finished her stretching for the day!

Sneaky Dale pose

Dale is known for sneaking up and nibbling on you while you are distracted with other baby goats.

Ellie Mae's I didn't do it yoga pose

Ellie Mae is famous for giving us this look. Surely we can make this into a Mommy and me yoga class pose

Bottle Boy baby goat yoga pose

This is being demonstrated by Bo. We may need to do a scream after the pose in honor of Bo.

Wrong Mom goat pose

This little baby goat girl picked the wrong Momma to do her stretches on.

Always Smiling for Lulu

Lulu our F1 Mini Nubian doe is always smiling. This would be a good one for Zay's Mommy and Me yoga class.

Zay and Vader

Zay loves people and goats so Zen with Zay & kidZ was created!

Zen with Zay & the kidZ

Coming 2021  We are thinking of adding Zen with Zay classes in early Spring 2021. This will be our take on goat yoga class for children. We will offer them at our goat farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC. We will offer Mommy and Me classes and other classes that are kid friendly and geared towards families. We are also thinking of offering these as Birthday Parties for kids and adults.


Here is a little back story on how this all got started. Our 10 year old daughter is always inviting all of her friends and their parents to the farm to meet the goats. She also invites her teachers, friends, grandparents, aunts and uncles, the cashier at the grocery store, the fast food drive thru worker and everyone else she meets. She loves people and goats so this is all about her. We thought about adding Yoga classes but who is really going to come to do Yoga? You want to play with the baby goats, right?


Zay is currently very busy watching the goats and coming up with stretches and goat poses that she can teach others.  For instance, KC’s Kisses will be used in her Mommy and Me classes. Can you guess what it is going to be? Ally’s baby blues will be a stretch that is used in all of her Zen with Zay classes.


Our Mini Nubians are busy doing what goats do this time of year so we should have lots of baby goats this spring. We should have close to 50 does kid baby goats. If you get lucky you may get to see a baby goat being born. We are also busy prepping a place for these classes to take place. We have a small pasture sectioned off for this. We are working on planting grass right now. I must admit we are removing rocks and prepping the dirt. That qualifies as “working on it”, right?


Bring your Yoga mat, beach towel or anything else you can lay on the ground and get dirty. Wear some old clothes and shoes. This is a farm and goats do live outside, well most of the time they live outside. We have had 12 or so bottle baby goats that we have raised in our home for various reasons. Bring some baby wipes to clean up your hands, a few water bottles and come hang out with us for a session of Zen with Zay and our kidZ.


We will be offering goat milk soap, sugar scrubs, goat Christmas ornaments and eggs for sale before and after the classes.


As of now we do not have a public restroom!

**Our baby and adult goats have horns! Please be aware of this when interacting with them. 

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