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Daisy and Daffy

Commercial Boer Doelings

Let’s talk about Daisy and Daffodil our twin boer doelings we picked up in December 2019 as bottle babies. The farmer we got them from told us he had too many boer bottle babies to handle. Although, I think he knew they had pneumonia and was happy to let them be someone else’s problem. We drove home with them in the back of our jeep. We thought we had contained them in a crate but they quickly escaped. They moved to the front of the jeep so they could nibble our ears and give us kisses the entire way home.  I gave them some supportive care and penicillin until we could get them to the vet first thing Monday morning.  We nursed them to health and they have matured into beautiful does.

Note: Find a good goat vet before you get goats! 

After they were healed up they spent some time hanging out with our Mini Nubian buckling who was also a bottle baby.  They were spunky young girls with a lot of energy. It was so much fun to watch them run and bounce between the bug rocks around the farm.

Daisy is super friendly and loves attention. She often nibbles at my clothes and will rub her head against the back of my legs until I give her attention. Daffodil on the other hand is more reserved. She watches from a distance and comes over occasionally for attention.

It’s 2020 and plan to breed these beautiful commercial boer does this years!