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Boer & Kiko Buck for sale in Mt. Pleasant, NC

Farm Name: Screamer

Screamer is available ladies!

Screamer is a Kiko / Boer buck and we have had him since he was a buckling at about 6 weeks of age.  Screamer only looks this color when he is in rut. Normally, this buck is a beautiful solid white color with a fabulous beard. During rut as with most billy goats, he sprays himself with "Buck Cologne". In addition to making him smell great for the does, it also gives his white fur beautiful yellow accents. He gave us beautiful baby goats this year. We decided to add them to our breeding program and he now needs a new job. In his free time he likes to eat hay and nap in his goat house. This buck also loves FIG newtons so copper bolousing him is no problem. 


Why the name screamer? He earned the name Screamer from how he screamed so much as a  buckling. Screamer only looks this color when he is in rut.

If you are looking for a future herd sire with a sweet demeanor you found him. He is super sweet and loves his humans too.  Please call us if you want to come meet him. Stacey @ 704-941-7944!

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