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Red Man

Registered Boer Buck

Red man is our 100% registered Boer buck that we found in Weaverville, NC. When I saw pictures of this buckling I knew we would be adding him to our breeding program. As luck has it, we also added his Mom, Glady.

Will you step in between to Buck's headbutting in rut?

We know when it's breeding season here at Cotton bean Boer Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC because our bucks stink, headbutt each other and it sounds like people are dying day and night. With that being said, it can pretty intense in the Boer buck pasture during rut. If I think they are being too mean, I step into the buck pasture and place myself in between the fighting bucks. We have spent a lot of time handling our boys to ensure they are sweet. They immediately stop and try to walk around me so we just dance for a few minutes. lol  I have been known to distract them with treats. We also touch and grab their horns on a regular basis so if I need to hold them they don't freak out on me. Nothing like fighting a 225lb, muscular buck while trying to contain it by the horns. If I have to do this that buck is living at the wrong goat farm! In short handle and love your stinky bucks. The investment in time is worth it's weight in gold. Btw, this buck is currently in RUT but look at that smile!


His abga name in Knolv Red Hot and he is all red in color. He entered this world on 2/11/19. We got both him and a half sister after they were weaned from their Boer nanny goats.  We eventually got his Doe / Dam, Knolv Glady’s, as well. He got his electrifying smile from his Mom. As he has matured, he grew a handsome part in his hair and a beard.  Where did my baby boer buckling go? He is so sweet like the rest of our boer bucks. He is very fig newton motivated which makes copper bolusing him a breeze!

More pictures coming soon!

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