This is a one of a kind, unique, farmhouse inspired, wooden, vintage designed, Happy Fall Yall and Thanksgiving trucks with a goat in the bed. These are approximately 9" long and the goat is 3".  I have 5 orange trucks and 2 green trucks. $20 ea for truck and goat plus shipping or pick up at Cotton Bean Goat Farms in Mt. Pleasant, NC! The fall truck with a goat is Orange and the Thanksgiving truck is green in color.


This cute goat in a vintage inspired truck makes a great Halloween, Birthday or Valentine’s day present for your goat loving husband, wife, 4 - H kid, farm hand or co-worker. You could use the goat as a magnet (not included), wind chime or you can even add it to your favorite sign. The possibilities for this wooden goat is endless.  If you love your goats as much as we do this is a must have for your Fall decorating. We are hoping to have some of these goat and a truck for Christmas too! 


Shipping will be additional depending on location and speed of arrival selected. 

Wooden Fall or Thanksgiving truck with white wooden goat for sale

Truck Color
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