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Rusty Metal Cow Christmas Ornament
  • Rusty Metal Cow Christmas Ornament

    This is a one of a kind, unique, rusty metal, vintage designed, Cow Christmas ornament for your Farmhouse Christmas tree. Each one of these cow ornaments are unique, no 2 are the same. Each cow is 3” long. It is made from 16 gauge steel.


    It has just the right touch of Farmhouse décor inspiration!


    This Cow Ornament makes a great Halloween, Birthday or Valentine’s day present for your cow loving husband, wife, 4 - H kid, farm hand or co-worker. You could also use it as a stencil, magnet (not included), wind chime or you can even add it to your favorite sign. The possibilities for this cow ornament is endless. 


    You can remove the rust by soaking your cow overnight in vinegar, or using a stiff wire brush. I would recommend painting or clear coating it to prevent it from keep from rusting again. 


    Price is per metal cow!

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