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Rusty Metal Barn Christmas ornament
  • Rusty Metal Barn Christmas ornament

    Do you know a cow, pig, horse, chicken or goat farmer? Are you looking for something unique for a Birthday or Valentines Day present? Look no more, you just found that unique gift that you have been searching for.


    These rusty metal barns make great ornaments, stencils, wind chimes or you can add them to your favorite sign. The possibilities are limitless.  They are made from 16 gauge steel and each one is unique. You can remove the rust by soaking your barn overnight in a bowl of vinegar, or using a stiff wire brush. I would recommend painting or clear coating it to prevent it from keep from rusting again.


    This metal barn makes a great Halloween, Birthday or Valentine’s day present for your goat farm loving husband, wife, 4 - H kid, farm hand or co-worker.


    Price is per barn! Add a poinsettia for an additional $1.00.

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