Goat Girl Keychain with Boer goat
  • Goat Girl Keychain with Boer goat

    If you are looking for a Christmas or birthday present for the goat farmer in your life, here it is. This cute boer goat girl keychain is embroider with the words “Goat Girl” and it has a 4-H girl with her Boer Goat. If you have a daughter, niece or know a 4H kid who shows Boer goats this is the perfect thoughtful gift for her. Maybe your Mom loves goats and her birthday is coming up.  This would make a great present for any occasion! 


    I will update the picture as soon as the Boer Goat Keychains arrive to Cotton Bean Goat Farm.


    Being an avid goat farmer and lover I always want goat stuff. My family searches everywhere to find me something with a mini nubian on it for Christmas. We have a farm house but no one makes goat farmhouse decor. We are putting together a one stop goat shop for all your goat wants and needs with an emphasis on Boer, Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian goats.