Cotton Bean's Lemon Verbena Cookie goat milk soap
  • Cotton Bean's Lemon Verbena Cookie goat milk soap

    Our “Cotton Bean Lemon Verbena Cookie” goat milk soap is named after our Grandma goat Cookie who has kidded many beautiful Nigerian dwarf baby goats for us. Her last set of Mini Nubian twins, Cotton and Bean, are named after the farm.


    Cookie is the spunkiest goat on the farm and this is why I think if her when I smell this soap.  You can’t help but smell lemon, it almost head butts you.  Combine this with the floral verbena and you get an uplifting citrus delight. It is nestled in a vanilla base scent thatgives it a beautiful herbal citrus fragrance that is perfect for soap making.


    This is a good smelling all around soap that we like to leave in the shower.  We find it to be refreshing. This all natural soap is made of oil and 25% fresh goats milk from our Mini Nubian milking team. If you are looking for a simple, thoughtful gift for someone with a March or April birthday this would be perfect!


    Do you know when lemons come into season in Flordia? As a child we would go to Florida in March and April.  I can remember smelling the lemon groves as we drove south! My brother has a March birthday so he always recieves this soap as a gift.  


    We have this for sale at our Goat Farm in Mt. Pleasant, NC. It is available for pick up or we can ship it to you for an additional charge. 

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